SID LEE | Jack Kenney-Herbert

Director of Sponsorship


Jack Kenney-Herbert, is Director of Sponsorship for Sid Lee, a multidisciplinary global creative agency of brand builders. Part of the Kyu group, which is under Hakuhodo DY Holdings, Sid Lee works with a selection of the world's leading sports rights holders and sports talent and have delivered exceptional campaigns.

Jack talks to us about his 10+ years of working in and around sport, about great campaigns, including an extraordinarily successful and continuing multi-year partnership between the Brand 'Sure' and Premier League Football Clubs in the UK. He also shares what he thinks is essential for successful sports sponsorships, his aspirations for 2023, and the fact that the CEO of Sid Lee in London is a true sports fan.

Show Notes:

01:12 What sport Jack does himself

02:18 Jack's role in Sid Lee

04:41 Oppo + Champions League partnership

05:15 Lidl + UEFA

06:06 Bringing the brand Sure into Football in the UK

08:11 The next 12-24 months in terms of collaborating with sport

- 08:36 why an individual deal with athlete can be beneficial
- 09:13 benefits of partnering with a sports team/ property

10:50 Mitigating risk in campaigns and need for flexibility

12:00 The role of tech and AI in future collaborations

14:49 'Authentic' content is now a must have

16:20 Mitigating risk in collaborations

18:25 Investing in producing proper content leads to much better outcomes/ ROI

19:39 Is there an optimum length for a collaboration/ partnership?

21:01 What industries collaborate well with sport?

22:01 Does sport transcend culture and assist in targeted messaging?

23:11 How to measure ROI?

24:54 Top 3 moments in relation to sport for Jack so far?

27:03 Biggest challenge so far in career?

28:26 Best joker encountered so far?

29:38 Person with 'Nerves of Steel'?

30:46 Biggest sports fan Jack knows

31:32 Sporting hero?

32:02 Best sports event attended so far?

32:48 Favourite way to relax?

33:09 Best thing to happen this week?

33:35 Hopes for the remainder of 2023?


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