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Curate your personal brand, monetize your talent, and cash in on your incredible marketability
as a student athlete with world-leading sport sponsorship platform Sport Endorse.

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Start curating your brand and monetizing your talent by joining our diverse team of elite student-athletes,
passionate about furthering their career and connecting with influential brands around the world

Monetize your sport career
with brand sponsorships

The NCAA recently introduced new laws providing collegiate athletes with the opportunity to earn an income by selling their name, image and likeness (NIL) rights. There’s no better time to start curating your personal brand and earning a solid income. Sport Endorse works with talent from over 90 sporting disciplines, from athletics to football.

A growing body of elite student-athletes trust us to connect them with inspiring brands. Join them.

Connect directly with brands
and PR agencies

Using the Sport Endorse App is easy. Our user-friendly interface was specifically designed to help busy student-athletes make the most out of their collegiate careers. We cut through unnecessary noise and distractions, making it easy for you to find the perfect brand partnership, and receive quick and easy compensation for completed projects.

Cash in on your marketability as a student-athlete

Talent like yours doesn’t just happen – it’s earned. Start getting recognition for your hard work by harnessing your NIL potential with a host of exciting sponsorship opportunities. We recognise the struggles and time pressures of being a full-time athlete and student and we strive to make profiting from your athletic profile a seamless experience.

How it works

Sport Endorse’s innovative platform makes applying for marketing campaigns through brands and agencies simple and seamless. Follow our simple four-step process to secure incredible sponsorship deals for athletes.

Sign up as a verified athlete or talent on Sport Endorse to start unlocking a wealth of exciting sponsorship opportunities.

Become a

Create an attention-grabbing user profile with a compelling description of your skills, passions and interests, as well as connecting to your social media handles.

Your Profile

Regularly check the Opportunities tab on the main menu to see up-to-date opportunities from brands, corporates and agencies using athletes to endorse products. Write a personal letter to the potential partnerships that you are interested in.

Apply to

Once selected for a marketing campaign, you’ll receive a proposal outline from the brand. If the offer aligns with your expectations, accept it. If not, you can talk directly to the brand representative using the platform’s built-in chat messenger to clarify any issues or make adjustments before sealing the deal.

Accept an Offer

Success Stories | Snapshot of our most iconic collaborations


Altrient liposomal supplements wanted to team up with athletes

for their campaign which encourages people to do their best in sports, and to use the hashtag #BeYourBest.

Through the Sport Endorse platform, Altrient Liposomal supplements initiated a promotional campaign and selected three athletes from a large base of applicants.

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