Megan Henry

Multi-sport D1 Collegiate Athlete, Team USA, National Champion & Coach


What's the secret to being an excellent athlete? Could you succeed in being that good in four different sports along your journey as an elite athlete?

In this episode of 'The Sitdown with Sport Endorse', our guest is Megan Henry, a USA athlete that has excelled at four sports, and is now helping athletes herself.

We cover a lot of ground, from life threatening blood clots, the disappointment of missing out on Team USA for an Olympics after being a leading contender ranked 8th in the world, meditation, mindset, food, and much more.

Show Notes:

01:38 How Megan got involved in sport

04:31 D1 collegiate athletic career

05:06 Joining the military

07:13 What Skeleton is all about

13:21 Competing for Team USA

17:31 Important to reach out if needed

19:27 Impact of not making an Olympics

23:29 Getting into Olympic Weightlifting

25:01 Dropping weight in a short time period

29:24 Discovering life-threatening blood clots

33:11 The road to recovery

38:42 What Megan does for 'fun'!

40:36 Who would Megan like to play her in a movie

40:52 Sporting heroes

43:50 Brands that Megan uses regularly

45:28 Cheat meal choice

47:10 Athlete types and locations that Megan would work with


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