ENERGIA | Lorna Danaher

Sponsorship Manager


For the first episode in a series where we explore the collaboration between brands and sport and what best practice looks like, we were delighted to have Lorna Danaher, Sponsorship Manager for Energia, as our guest.

Energia is one of longest providers of green energy across the island of Ireland, and has over 250,000 customers, and as a brand, it has a strong history of aligning with sport. Lorna's experience around sponsorship for both Energia, and companies she worked with before, mark her out as an authority on sponsorship, working with sport, and how to ensure mutually beneficial outcomes.

Show Notes:

01:17 Lorna's involvement in sports

02:09 How to stay motivated

03:16 What makes Energia special

04:10 Current partnerships

05:58 Grassroots approach

08:02 Stacey Flood and Hugo Keenan as brand ambassadors

10:09 Most satisfactory collaboration to-date

17:25 Yes/No on social media

19:24 TikTok Six Nations a good thing

21:00 The team in Energia that make the sponsorship’s succeed

24:15 Mitigating risk in sponsorship

27:17 Can sport work for different industries

29:33 Does sport transcend cultures

31:10 Challenges or innovation in sport

32:49 Measuring ROI on sponsorship

35:51 Best sporting moments to-date

38:24 Tough moments

40:10 Funniest sports person

42:43 Nerves of steel sports person

43:26 Biggest sports fan in the office

44:40 Sporting hero, best sports event ever, favourite way to relax, best things to happen so far this week

45:14 Hopes for the rest of 2023


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