Maria O’Donnell

Sales & Marketing Manager at Nuasan


On this episode, we speak with Maria O'Donnell, Sales & Marketing Manager at Nuasan, about her company's growth aspirations, her experience on the Sport Endorse platform and her views on the value offered by elite athletes for brand’s marketing objectives.

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Show notes:

2:06 Nuasan – Natural, Sustainable and functional products for active people and those involved in sport

6:45 How Nuasan found Sport Endorse

8:15 Involvement with professional sports people as part of marketing strategy

12:35 Athletes deal with brands that tie well with their sporting side

14:50 The aspirational element of a sports fan to use the product a sports person uses herself

15:50 Finding genuine brand ambassador that love their products beyond social media promotions

17:22 Surprised with ability to access many professional athlete on the platform

18:20 Personalised support and fair treatment on the platform

19:25 Finding the right match and building connection with athletes on the platform

21:30 Expectation setting and planning comms. with the booked athletes

23:45 Working with international athlete tie in with brands global aspirations

25:15 Expansion and growth for Nuasan across European & UK markets

27:32 Nominated in the V Awards 2021 (Fave Beauty Category)

29:30 “No matter what size your business is, there is a potential opportunity for collaboration with an elite athlete”