James Lowe

Leinster & Irish Rugby Player


Born in New Zealand, James is one of Irelands top sporting talents. Initially making a name for himself as a scoring winger for Leinster and then going on to make his international debut for Ireland vs Wales in 2020.

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Episode Transcript:

1:45 As a child played every sport under the sun, but it always came back to Rugby

4:50 Pathway for kids to play Rugby in New Zealand 5:30 Turned down a 2-year contract to play in the league at 18 as didn’t want to leave home

8:30 Starting winger for the ‘Chiefs’ (NZ Professional rugby union team) for 3 years

12:40 Leo Cullen (Irish Rugby coach and Professional Rugby player) brought me to Leinster Rugby in Ireland 16:52 Representing affiliate clubs in Dublin with passion

19:25 Phone call to join camp before International debut for Ireland

25:00 Dealing with scrutiny after losing is part of job description

27:00 Looking forward to another opportunity to represent Ireland and perform consistently

31:00 Sponsorship is the thing keeping us above water

34:20 Sports people can offer so much value to environments, workplaces, businesses

38:30 Advise to athletes looking for sponsorship: Be a nice person and engage with people on a personal level

42:00 People think athletes get product for free but we benefit the brand we work with

44:00 Supporter of Tackle your feelings campaign around mental health, go check out their app on Instagram

51:00 At a stage where I’m figuring out my post rugby plans with my mentor

57:00 Advise to aspiring professional athletes: Be ready for a roller coaster career

58:00 Light hearted Q&A on Leinster & Irish teammates