Hayley Nolan

Professional Soccer Player - London City Lionesses


In this episode of The Sitdown With Sport Endorse podcast, we feature the story of an Irish female athlete with a bright future in competitive football. In addition to playing college football in America, Hayley is now a professional football player for London City Lionesses. Hayley is available for partnerships and collaborations on the sport endorse platform for sponsors to unlock the potential of sports ambassador marketing. In spite of the record ticket sales and live global audience during this year's Women's Euro 22, the sponsorship dollars that go to women's sports and female athletes are still a small fraction of those allocated to men's sports and athletes. With this episode, we hope to contribute to changing this by getting more brands to listen in.

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Show Notes :

2:00 Childhood motivation to get involved in sports

3:20 First itch to play professional football

4:50 Competitive rivalry among siblings acted as the driving force to be a professional athlete

6:00 Decision to moving to America to play college football is one I recommend to other teenage girls

8:00 America has many successful role models in female football to learn from

9:15 Influence of Head Coach Lisa fallon to join London City Lionesses

11:00 Embrace the opportunity to move to new places and learn from the different sporting in ideologies

13:00 Mentality it takes to return to playing after a serious injury

15:00 Understood a gap in the market to launch a side business with her sister

17:00 Lack of female participation in sport at a young age is something to remedy

19:00 Euro 22 witnessed a transformational landscape encouraging women’s football

21:00 Personal aspirations on sponsorship & resonance with like minded partners

24:00 Open to promotional opportunities in person, social media, podcasts & events

26:00 Experience of being on TV series on a BBC show on football

26:45 In order for women’s football to catch up to men’s, the media can help promote the women’s game across social media, notice boards, radio stations, and buses.