Georgie Kelly

Irish Association Football Player


Tune in to this episode, where we speak with professional footballer Georgie Kelly, the centre-forward from Rotherham United and leading Irish goal scorer in 2021.

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Georgie discusses some of the motivations, inspirations, and achievements as a professional football player and talks about some of the challenges of being a professional athlete while studying in University. He shares his thoughts on environmental sustainability and the role athletes and clubs can play in protecting our planet.

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Show notes:

1:33 Inspiration for becoming professional footballer

3:00 Favourite players and clubs growing up

3:33 Motivations for becoming a professional athlete

5:25 Playing professional football in the UK

7:05 Highlights of being a professional athlete

8:00 Achieving sports and career goals

8:35 New teams, trades, and locker room dynamics

11:09 English Football League championship

12:01 Athlete superstitions and pregame rituals

12:53 Advise on balancing education and professional athletics

15:16 Value of renewable energy and environmental finance

19:05 Improving environmental sustainability practices for athletes and clubs

23:05 Raising consciousness about environmentally safe practices and individual habits

25:11 Role of sponsors in sports

26:25 Environmentally friendly brands and sponsors

33:00 Bridging the gap between athletes and sponsors through Sport Endorse