Updated: 26 October 2020

Unlock 5X Sales for Your Brand with Sports Influencer Marketing

5 min. read


Unlock 5X Sales for Your Brand with Sports Influencer Marketing

5 min. read

Are you tired of pouring money into performance marketing campaigns that yield poor leads and minimal sales? There’s a better way to achieve outstanding returns on your advertising investment while simultaneously increasing your brand’s value through partnerships with renowned sports personalities.

Sports influencers’ content can unlock substantial returns on ad spend (ROAS). According to a report by Whistle, brands earned an impressive $5.20 in media value for every $1 spent on sports influencer marketing campaigns.

Before we delve into real success stories from our clients, let’s take a look at some compelling facts from world wide recognised sources.

The Global Reach of Sports Influencers

For brands aspiring to extend their reach and break into international markets, sports influencers offer an unparalleled opportunity. Their ability to connect with audiences on a global scale is a strategic advantage that can’t be overlooked. When you collaborate with sports influencers, you’re not just tapping into a local or regional audience; you’re accessing a worldwide network of fans and enthusiasts.

“Sports influencers command a worldwide following, with over 50% of their followers residing outside the United States. So if you want to take your brand to a global level, sports influencers are the best options.” – Influencer Marketing Hub

Now, let’s dive into some of the remarkable success stories of our partners who have harnessed the power of sports influencer marketing to transform their brands identity.

1) Donegal Catch X Conor O’Keefe

Green Isle Foods teamed up with ultra-runner Conor O’Keefe to promote Donegal Catch. Conor’s video content highlighted the convenience and health benefits of coated fish, appealing to both athletes and the general public. The Impact? This collaboration not only boosted product sales but also enhanced Donegal Catch’s brand image as a healthy brand within Irish Households.

The Influence of Trust

In the dynamic landscape of marketing and consumer decision-making, trust holds a paramount position. It’s the cornerstone upon which successful brand-consumer relationships are built. The statistic that “92% of consumers place faith in recommendations from individuals, especially those they view as role models, like sports influencers,” as highlighted in a Nielsen report, underscores the immense power of trust in the world of influencer marketing.

Consider for a moment the impact of trust in your own decision-making process. When you’re faced with choices about products, services, or even destinations, you’re likely to turn to sources you trust for guidance. These sources often include friends, family members, or individuals whose opinions and expertise you value. In many cases, sports influencers have seamlessly integrated themselves into this circle of trust for countless consumers.

2) Remus Uomo X Nicolas Roche & Philip Doyle

Renowned men’s fashion brand Remus Uomo sought to elevate the visibility of its AW21 collection. Through our platform, they collaborated with cycling legend Nicolas Roche and Olympian rower Philip Doyle, showcasing their impeccable style in Remus Uomo outfits. The Outcome? This partnership not only increased Remus Uomo’s store sales but also positioned the brand as a choice for athletes with discerning tastes.

3) Alpro X Paul Conroy

We facilitated a partnership between Alpro and Paul Conroy, a Gaelic footballer with the Galway senior team and a teacher. This collaboration activated Alpro’s IT’S M*LK BELIEVE carton exchange campaign at Eyre Square Shopping Centre in Galway. Paul’s influencer role included attending press events, engaging with consumers, and sharing campaign messages on social media. The result? A significant boost in brand visibility and oat milk sales for Alpro.

The Exceptional Engagement of Sports Influencers

When it comes to influencer marketing, engagement is the name of the game. Brands strive not only to reach a broad audience but also to connect with them on a meaningful level. Sports influencers, it turns out, are the undisputed champions in this arena, consistently achieving remarkable engagement rates that leave other influencer categories in the dust.

According to data from “Linqia,” a leading influencer marketing platform, sports influencers have an average engagement rate of 6.3%. To put this in perspective, this figure significantly outpaces the 3.6% average engagement rate seen across all influencer categories.

Ready to Elevate Your Brand through Dynamic Athlete Partnerships?

At Sport Endorse, we believe in the magic of authentic partnerships. We bring together brands and sports influencers who share values and dreams, forging powerful bonds.

Now, are you ready to witness the same impact for your brand?

Get in touch with us to kickstart the power of sports influencer marketing. Together, we can unlock 5X sales and elevate your brand to new heights!

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