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We make scoring sensational sports marketing sponsorships for your clients easy.
With our innovative platform, agencies can contact talent directly in a clear, four-step process..

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Book iconic sports brand ambassadors for your clients

Our cutting-edge technological solutions reduce the steps needed to score sensational sponsorship deals for athletes.
Sport Endorse is a simple, user-friendly platform connecting agencies with top global athletes and ambassadors
guaranteed to take your client’s marketing campaigns to the next level.
As an agency, you will have access to the following features:

Access a diverse
talent base

Connect with over 4,000
international sports
ambassadors in one
place to find the perfect
fit for your client.

Connect instantly
with elite athletes

Bypass timewasting and
engage directly with talent
via the built-in instant
messenger on our platform.

Boost your client's marketing campaigns

Target athlete brand
ambassadors based
on their sport discipline,
location, gender, social
following and more.

Enjoy seamless
payments and invoicing

Our end-to-end booking
and payment online
solution makes accounting
a breeze.


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A member of the team will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

How it works

Our innovative platform makes finding the right athlete brand ambassador for your client's marketing
campaigns easier than ever before. Here’s our simple four-step process to finding
the perfect sports star aligning with your client’s brand values.

Once you create an account with us, you’ll be able to browse thousands of potential brand athlete ambassadors. Connect with them quickly and easily through the platform to find the perfect fit for your client’s marketing needs.

Sign-up with
Sport Endorse

Share your marketing campaign goals with our extensive team of sports heroes, setting clear objectives, specifying deliverables and defining your budget so that both parties are on the same page about their respective responsibilities.

Create a new opportunity

Interested athletes will engage with your opportunity and submit cover letters to make their case. Once you’ve found the perfect fit for your client’s campaign, book your chosen athlete brand ambassadors in exchange for cash, products, royalty or even equity.

Choose the right

Once the campaign is successfully completed, and all deliverables met, Sport Endorse will generate an accounting invoice. From there, you can make a payment directly to the athlete’s bank account using a secure payment process.

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Snapshot of our most inspirational partnership stories


Generating a bit of buzz for Specsavers

Just before the 2021 All-Ireland Football final, Tangerine Comms were assisting Specsavers with activation around their GAA sponsorship. A mini-activation campaign was executed where some “little journalists” interviewed a key player from both the Mayo and Tyrone teams (which competed in the final).

The players and most of the interviewing panel were sourced via Sport Endorse.

The Sitdown with Sport Endorse

Si McNally

Head of Communications & Partnerships at Power Maxed Racing

Buckle up for a thrilling episode featuring the commercial & communications manager of a professional motor-sports racing team.

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