Stephen Budde

Director - SB Sports


Founder of SB Sports a family run company supplying sports merchandise & leisurewear to all sporting fields.

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On this episode, we chat with Stephen Budde of SB Sports on how he launched and scaled his business during the pandemic and on developing strategic partnerships with sporting associations and athletes. He also shares his market research on the impact of elite athletes as social media influencers.

Show Notes:

3:30 Starting a business during Covid

6:30 Growth through partnerships

9:30 Focusing on gap in markets like Ladies GAA

10:30 Aspirations to have SB Range fully sustainable in 5 years’ time

13:00 Brand positioning and values

17:00 Relationship with SB Sports ambassadors

19:00 Social media as a driver of advertising

26:00 Exclusive Partnership with Basketball Ireland for Kit

30:00 Technology make it easier to find athlete ambassadors

33:30 Aspirational ambassadors for SB Sports products

36:00 Deal with academy of sport & education in London

39:15 Market value of famous social media athlete influencers

41:00 Calculating ROI for Instagram sponsored content

46:45 Sports as a conversation starter for business relations

50:00 Evergreen commercial opportunities for athletes