Shelayna Oskan-Clarke

Olympian British Runner & World Bronze Medalist


On this episode, listen to the ever determined Shelayna OSKAN-Clarke who is a professional middle distance athlete. Shelayna is a multiple 800m British indoor and outdoor champion and has represented Great Britain on numerous occasions at the European, World and Commonwealth championships and the 2016 Olympic Games. She is also 2x European medallist (Gold and Silver) and World Bronze Medallist. Outside sport, Shelayna has a BSc in Sports & Exercise Science and is a personal trainer.

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Show Notes:

1: 36 My School teacher got me first involved into athletics
3:03 What made me choose middle distance running
4:30 Looking back at Rio 2016 with a smile on my face
5:50 An injury setback led me to miss 2020 Olympics
7:50 Looking forward to the World Championships in Oregon in 2022
8:45 What were the difficulties in staying motivated during the pandemic
10:20 Moved personal training business online which clients enjoyed
13:20 Having Sponsorships, allows me to give my full focus to my training, physically and emotionally
16:30 The Sport Endorse Platform is very visual and you can see what is available currently and then decide to work with brands that you like
18:30 Bridging equality gap is all about visibility
19:30 Long term aspirations beyond sport – mentoring, supporting people from disadvantage background
22:00 How I want to be remembered as an athlete
23:30 Favorite career moments
25:00 Advice for young athletes