Nhat Nguyen

Irish Badminton Player


Listen to Ireland's top ranked badminton player talk about his mind set, motivations and opinions on the world of sports and sponsorship.

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This Interview was conducted by Elaine Stenson, Radio broadcaster at Classichitsradio & Sunshine1068fm.

Episode Quotes

” I take my nutrition seriously because its that extra 5 or 3% that could make a big difference in your body and in performance ”

” I aim for the highest goal possible, why do it just to be not the best, you have to do it because you want to be the best ” – Nhat Nguyen

Show Notes

2.45 – Didn’t like badminton early on

5.30 – Sporting Family influence

8.25 – Nutrition sponsorship

10.26 – Pre-training & post-training diet

12.18 – Sponsorship and success at elite level

15.30 – Filming TV Commercial

17.50 – 2020 a blessing in disguise

21.25 Turning point

22.35 Personal Motto

24.10 – Role Models

26.20 – Meditation to attack the day

30.10 – Advise to upcoming talent

32.10 – Aspirations for future