Liam Jegou

Irish Slalom Canoeist


Listen to Ireland's World Cup Gold medal winning Canoeist talk about his motivations to get into professional sports, how having the right sponsors backing him improves his performance and his interests beyond sport.

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Liam is looking for brands to support him in 2021 for competitions at Tokyo, Paris and LA.

This Interview was conducted by Elaine Stenson, Radio broadcaster at Classichitsradio & Sunshine1068fm. Episode Quotes “I love cruising around in my van, so if Renault wanted to hook me up with a kitted-out van I wouldn’t say no” – Liam Jegou

Show Notes

1.50 – World cup final winning run

4.10 – Multicultural upbringing

6.45 Work feels like a game

10:00 Olympics delay meant an extra year to peak

13.30 Additional discipline to compete in 2024 Olympics

14.40 Change in sponsorship

16.29 Dream Sponsor

18.00 Difference brands and equipment makes to performance

19.20 Volunteering plans post Olympics

22:55 Interest & Hobbies Social links @liam_jegou @elainestenson @sport_endorse