Kevin Griffiths

Managing Director, Leguano & FoodForSport Ireland


Discover what serial entrepreneur, Kevin Griffiths (Leguano & FoodForSport Ireland) has to say about building consumer brands & booking and working with elite athletes on the Sport Endorse Platform.

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Show notes:

1:41 – Former station manager for Clare Morris community radio in Mayo

4:20 – Motivation to bring Leguano barefoot shoes to Ireland & UK markets

6:40 – A food range that is part of daily routine and is not separate from other nutrition required for training

8:00 – Venturing into influencer promotion to expand market for products

9:20 – Empowering athletes to supplement their training and get traction on sponsorship

11:35 – Daughter is an all-Ireland medal winner in 60m and Long jump

13:50 – Attraction to the Sport Endorse Platform

15:05 – Elite athletes offer understanding and passion towards products

17:50 – Olympic athletes should not have to worry about financial burden that comes with competing

20:55 – Sponsorship experience on the platform

22:20 – Working experience with elite athletes booked on the platform

24:40 – Transparent flow to select athletes

26:00 – Awareness marketing is key to building long term position for brand