Hannah Tyrrell

Ireland Rugby union


Tune in to this entertaining chat with Ireland women's rugby union international, Hannah Tyrrell. She represented Ireland at the 2017 Women's Rugby World Cup. She was also a member of the Ireland team that won the 2015 Women's Six Nations Championship. Tyrrell is also an Ireland women's rugby sevens international.

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Show Notes

2:51 mins – Got into Rugby after playing Gaelic football for 10 years

1:52 – First call to represent Ireland

6:40 – Transitioning from Rugby Sevens to Rugby Union

7:25 – Moving into the no. 10 role for the current team

10:00 – Motivation against odds to qualify for world cup 2020

11:10 – Typical pre-match routine 13:08 – Pre-match playlist

14:00 – Bridging the gender equality gap

16:40 – Taking on professional teams

17:40 – Need for extra support from companies for women’s sport

18:30 – Sport Sponsorship makes a massive difference to athletes

19:00 – Majority of women players on team have to buy their own kits

20:45 – Favorite brands I use daily

21:25 – Mental health ambassador and playing a part

24:05 – Future beyond sport

28:00 – Sacrifices players make when playing for country

31:00 – Legacy

32 :10 – Favorite sporting moment

33:40 – Advice for aspiring athletes

34:40 – Quick fire questions on the Irish Women’s Rugby Team

·best dancer

·worst fashion sense·

best fashion sense

·dress room DJ

·most likely to sleep through alarm

·most likely to not answer the phone

·who is the fastest

·team joker

·late for training

·who thinks they are the most intelligent