GYMZYG | Muhammad Azmi



It was great to talk with Muhmmad Azmi, Founder of GYMZYG, a new UK based brand that aims to give people improved confidence by ensuring that the gym gear they wear fits properly. We discuss why Muhammad founded GYMZYG, what the aims for the brand are, why sports people make sense to help promote the range, and how AI is helping the brand to differentiate itself in what is a crowded market.

Show Notes:

01:17 Muhammad's involvement in sports

03:37 Why GYMZYG was founded

05:17 Delivering value to customers

07:37 Brand values

10:35 What's behind the name GYMZYG

13:07 Core products at the moment and plans for product range

17:18 Importance of technology to the business

19:38 Biggest challenge to-date

21:23 Best success so far

24:12 Staying motivated

26:34 Managing currency exposures

28:25 Purpose and aims for the brand

31:29 Sporting hero

33:14 Favourite way to relax

33:39 Favourite music

35:01 Favourite meal

37:29 Languages spoken

38:57 Complexity around sizing

42:23 Open to discussion with athletes


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