Doug Ryder

Team Principal Team Qhubeka Assos


You are in for a treat with this bonus episode where Sport Endorse Co-founder Declan Bourke speaks with Doug Ryder, Team Principal of Team Qhubeka Assos, a UCI World Tour Team, on a rights holder's perspective into the world of sport sponsorship, and how his team's purpose is changing lives in Africa.

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Show notes :
1:35 – Born in Capetown, South Africa
1:50 – British team tour to SA got him interested in cycling
3:00 – Captained SA cycling team at 96′ Olympics
4:10 – Why he set up a professional cycling team
5:20 – Link with Qhubeka charity
7:50 – What sets cycling apart from other sports
10.20 – Growth of cycling in the African continent
12 :15 – Values and purpose of Team Qhubeka Assos
14:25 – Influence of purpose on the drivers and team
16:25 – Pathway for riders from the continental team to step up into 1st division world tour team
19:00 – Diversity and size of the team
20:30 – Individual meal customization for the riders
24:08 – Makeup of the team’s fanbase
25:20 – Not having a win at all cost culture
26:00 – Opportunity for sponsors/ partners to engage with team
27:30 – Impact days for sponsors and for companies
28:30 – Example of sponsor activation of high standard 
30: 30 – Team where drivers from different nationalities are connected by English
32:00 – Cost to keep a cycling team running 
33:00 – Budget to win a Grand Tour
36: 00 – What is being done for Cycling in Africa
37:00 – Things we focused on for our partners during pandemic in 2020
39:00 – Trends in sponsorship, what sponsors look for? 
42: 00 Rapid fire round – Team Joker Team DJ Best linguist Person with biggest appetite Sporting hero If not cycling, favourite sport Best thing that has happened to you so far this week