Updated: 26 October 2020

3 Reasons to Use Sports Talent as Source for Digital Advertisement

5 min. read


3 Reasons to Use Sports Talent as Source for Digital Advertisement

5 min. read

Ever since the wave of digitalization has hit the advertisement industry, we have witnessed a radical change in tactics that helped gain popularity and increase brand awareness previously. Technology, ranging from digital signage to social media platforms, has brought both ease and competitiveness to the advertisement industry. Likewise, the sports and digital advertising industry has merged so effortlessly that it’s challenging to draw a line between them.

Other than social media influencers or celebrities, hiring sports talent as brand ambassadors or for advertisement has become quite a trend these days, and the results are undoubtedly impressive. Every sportsperson has a separate and very loyal fan base, giving them an edge to set their mark in the world of advertisement, thus leading to increased brand awareness. Here are three significant reasons why you should consider hiring a sports talent for your brand’s promotion:

1. Reaching your Target Audience

Celebrities live in a world of glamour, which is often not relatable to the common masses. However, sportspeople are who they are; we can see them in their entirety, which helps them keep their fans engaged for a lifetime. Hiring them for your product advertisement is synonymous with compelling many audiences, and the boost in your sales is close to being guaranteed.

The audience you are hoping to target through endorsing a sports personality will remain engaged with your brand and will love to make the purchase when they find their favourite athlete using it or at least advertising it.

Better Performance

For example, Rocket Espresso Milano, premium domestic espresso machines from Italy signed up Nicholas Roche (Former Professional UCI Cyclist and 4 X Olympian) as their brand ambassador. Through Nico, the brand could advertise to the European population that followed him and the sport of Cycling. Nico himself is a coffee lover so it was a win-win for both.

2. Get the Real Action

The brands that sell products like fitness bands, energy drinks, sports equipment benefit the most by hiring athletes. No matter how big the celebrity you hire for selling a Basketball, Rugby, Football or Tennis brand, it won’t have the same effect as it will have when a renowned sportsman holds your company’s gear. Likewise, hiring an athlete to be a brand ambassador for your campaign will significantly impact the audience if your company is trying to sell an energy drink. The action they will see in the advertisement will be close to reality and believable. Hiring sports personalities works like a charm for the sports industry.

An example, Ladbrokes, an online sports betting company which has Horse Racing in its portfolio, partnered with Irish Jockey & Reality Show Star Nina Carberry as a brand ambassador. Nina being a legend of the sport is constantly called upon to give previews on up-coming races and activating the brand.

3. They are Known!

Historically, the only sources of advertisement were newspapers or TVs. We have so many new mediums to advertise and market your brand. Digital platforms, including social media sites, can help you promote your content and products. Sportspeople are also known through their social media handles and have access to millions of audiences worldwide.

Hiring a sports talent for digital advertisement is as effective as hiring a celebrity. They are famous and can promote your product appropriately through their social media channels. The kind of popularity you are seeking to enhance your brand awareness can be done by hiring sports personalities.

Take for example Caitlin Clark, USA & IOWA Women’s basketball player. At Age 20 and in 2nd year of college, Caitlin has won 3 X Gold Medals with USA Basketball and a social presence of 152K Instagram and 29K Twitter followers. This has led to companies utilising her Name, Image and Likeness (NIL) by signing her up as their ambassador. She is currently sponsored by H&R Block (Tax Firm), Hy-Vee (Supermarket) and Vinyl Studio (Apparel) deals totalling over $1 million.

Consumers look for authenticity in the current world of advertising. You can add visual and other digital effects to your ads, but nothing beats a real person endorsing your brand. Hiring a sports talent helps validate the authenticity of your brand, particularly if the product is related to the sports industry. You can explore many options, boost your sales, and make the most of the digital world. Moreover, a variety of sponsorship actions will be available for you when you choose the athletes that best represent your brand such as ambassadorships, guest speaking, public appearances, social media campaigns, and fan experiences. Accessing the masses has never been this easier.

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