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The team at Sport Endorse have been a real help to me since I signed with them. I'm impressed with how quickly they've generated success and I intend to match that in the ring.

Michael Conlan

Marketing & Brand Partnerships

​We work closely with some of the best global, European and Irish brands in order to offer unique and lasting sponsorship opportunities, helping them get access to rising, established, and former sports stars. We assist with brand strategy around our talent pool, sponsorships and endorsements, content creation, naming rights, community outreach and events. The aim is delivery of relevant programmes that provide valuable and measurable outcomes.

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​We provide representation for our sports people, coaches, and institutions to help them achieve long term success. We work closely with our clients to create a customized representation strategy that seeks to maximise their value. We ensure this is as comprehensive as possible from when a client join us, covering everything from online presence, all commercial activities, through to post-career planning and support.