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The team at Sport Endorse are a professional and enthusiastic group that bring passion to everything that they do. With my background across top-level football and national basketball they've been very useful to partner.  

Kieran Donaghy

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Our Story

Why We Do What We Do


The Sportendorse team has over 65 years combined experience in commercial negotiations, and in engaging and securing corporate support for various projects.

Based in Ireland, we are used to the global playing field with all team members living away from Ireland at various points, in the USA, UK, Europe, Asia and Australia. 

We are a team of people that have been participants in a broad church of sports including Gaelic games, soccer, rugby, golf, basketball, tennis, sailing, martial arts, mountaineering, running, horse riding, and even in one case a short stint at fencing.

With age there is often a change in how we participate in sport, and a few of us coach at grass roots level in Gaelic football and rugby.

We are fans of all sports people and are passionate about success.

Aim & Approach

We understand the pressure to perform, the hard graft, discipline and persistence required to perform well consistently. It's based on this understanding that Sportendorse came to be. Our core aim is to help provide sports people with the space and security to concentrate on delivering to their potential, and to provide corporate brands appropriate alignment with rising, established, and former stars, that personify dedication and performance. 

Every brand is on a continuous journey to establish itself as the best in its class and once there to remain at the top for as long as possible. Every sportsperson is essentially on the same journey. 

Sportendorse facilitates partnerships that make sense and allow brands and sportspeople to support each other and to succeed together.